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The spare parts dept is the pride of COREMAC SRL.

COREMAC SRL can supply spare parts and accessories for all the machines in leather and shoe making field keeping prices particulary low thanks to special discounts.

COREMAC SRL can supply spare parts for every need: from the newest card to the part for the oldest machine.

COREMAC SRL is able to repair or construct, according to a given sample, even spare parts for machines out of profuction.

In the last years COREMAC SRL has developed among the other services, the supply of spare parts for clicking presses, above all for models out of production.
Machines no longer assisted by manufacturers find theri spare parts at COREMAC SRL.

The stock of COREMAC SRL is constantly furnished of spare parts, that cannot be found, so that technicians have the possibility of fast interventionss.

Don´t hesitate to contact COREMAC SRL, we are ready to solve the spare pats and accessories problems of shoes making and leather goods factories.

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